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Honor Band 4 Sports Bracelet Review: Alternative

Honor Band 4 Sports Bracelet Review: Alternative

When Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei, entered the market of mobile devices and accessories, company representatives have repeatedly said that they want to create a youth brand with a fast-growing business. The popularity of smartphones in general confirms the intention and success of engineering solutions. And what is offered in wearable devices - let's look at the example of the fitness tracker Honor Band 4.

A new generation of company bracelets with sports-tracking features are becoming prettier and prettier. Honor Band 4 is a one-piece case with digital filling and two parts of the strap attached to it. The device uses an AMOLED screen with a protective glass. Symbols and images are clearly visible in bright light and the sun. The protective glass may be more afraid of strong point impacts, but it is more tolerant of casual and not strong encounters with door corners and walls. In any case, according to the results of some time of use, there are fewer traces of vandalism on the screen than wearable plastic-coated gadgets.

As for the strap and ergonomics, here, in general, everything is also not bad. The design resembles a classic watch. The clasp and the trainer allow you to optimally adjust the tightening around the brush and hide the “tail”. The material of the strap is medium hard and pleasant to the touch. However, if the grip of the hand is not very large, the rest of the strap can hang out, and the trainer sometimes slides from it. The tracker does not unfasten from such freedom spontaneously, but begins to cling to everything in a row.

We are used to the fact that manufacturers from the Celestial Empire always have many bright and interesting alternative options for straps and accessories for wearable devices. Honor Band 4 was no exception and for him you can find any version of a strap made of metal, fabric or silicone of any color of the rainbow. The benefit is that the strap is unfastened simply by removing the staples from the joint between the strap and the tracker case. By the way, the mounts are reliable and there are no accidental disconnections.

Honor Band 4 connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2 and if the connection is disconnected, the bracelet vibrates. The device also supports contactless payment via NFC, but so far only AliPay, which is not relevant in our country.

The speed of the interface is optimal, the items are scrolled smoothly. The bracelet supports the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet, but there is no Ukrainian layout. Therefore, if the smartphone menu is in Russian, then the Band 4 menu will be in Russian. If the smartphone has a Ukrainian-language interface, the bracelet displays a menu in English. In this case, messages and texts of instant messengers are regularly displayed in the original language.

Another interesting thing is notifications. As in Xiaomi bracelets and watches, notifications can be activated by choosing literally for every application on your smartphone. In Honor Band 4, we met the same feature of notifications from messengers as in Amazfi Bip. The tracker vibrates several times when a message is received. The first time that it actually came, and the second with the withdrawal of the first couple of dozens of characters from it.

Not catastrophic, but if you are an active participant in conversations, constant vibration can get bored, and the battery will drain faster. Only the last 10 messages that can be “eaten up” by the notification of receipt are saved. Therefore, the messages themselves from the bracelet you will see even less. With an AMOLED screen, the bracelet’s autonomy is declared at two weeks, which is what we got about the test results. If you enable sports functions - tracking activity, quality of sleep and heartbeat, the battery charge is enough for a couple of days less.

In jogging mode, the display shows information about time, heart rate, pace and distance. During swimming, the bracelet automatically recognizes this type of activity and even determines the style. There is no GPS module here, so all movements are recorded by the accelerometer. And the pulse is measured by the usual optical sensor. All measurements by the fitness tracker occur as part of the error with known overstatements in some situations.

Sleep is also analyzed quite accurately, while there is both an option for standard measurements - the time spent in the light and deep phase of sleep, as well as an advanced version of Trusleep. She often measures the pulse in a dream and picks up tips to improve the quality of sleep for some time. With the activated second option, the autonomy of the bracelet is markedly reduced to 5-6 days. The bracelet is fully charged in almost 2 hours.

Data flows into the Health mobile app from Huawei. The interface is divided into three sections with general information, training modes and bracelet settings.

As a result, we can say that Honor Band 4 is an interesting fitness device, despite the dominance of devices of other brands. Those who do not like the monochrome and ascetic interface should definitely try the Band 4 model. The bright screen and its good readability significantly increase the impression of operation. Measurement accuracy and ease of setup also speak in favor of the Honor fitness bracelet. The only caveat remains the peculiar behavior when notifications are received and their not optimal collection in operational memory.

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